E-Discussion On The SDGs And LGBTI+ Inclusion In Africa

Ian Mungall
Ian Mungall

It is our pleasure to invite you to contribute to our e-discussion, titled Leaving No One Behind: The SDGs and LGBTI+ Inclusion in Africa.
This public consultation is being organized on the new #WeBelongAfrica Online Community Hub on UNDP’s SparkBlue from 20 June to 19 July.
Mandated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of goals and targets to advance sustainable development by 2030. A global framework for accountability, the SDGs have a guiding principle that “no one will be left behind” and a commitment to prioritizing the poorest and most marginalized.
The SDGs present an opportunity for LGBTI+ issues and participation to be amplified and advanced, and for those to be further connected to broader rights and development issues.
Building upon conversations held in a 2020/21 webinar series with a similar theme organized by the #WeBelongAfrica programme in partnership with CIVICUS, Pan Africa ILGA, and Positive Vibes, this e-discussion aims to increase understandings of the SDG goals, targets, processes and actors to promote LGBTI+ inclusion in Africa. It also seeks to grow cross-sectoral engagement, collaboration and strategizing around inclusive SDG-actions.  
We encourage participants – including LGBTI+ activists and allies in Africa, people working on SDG-related issues, and development partners – to share their perspectives and experiences.
You can access the e-discussion here: https://www.sparkblue.org/group/cso-network. In order to comment you will need to Sign Up.
Feel free to disseminate this opportunity with your networks and partners. For those who want to share it via their social media networks, social media cards are available here.
We look forward to your active participation.

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