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Theo Bernard
Theo Bernard

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During the past year, UNDP Guinea-Bissau has been working on and exploring the digital transformation thematic in its initiatives and engagements with the government, civil society, and private sector.

As a first attempt to try to bring the topic of Digital Transformation in Guinea-Bissau to a broader audience, both internal and external, UNDP Guinea-Bissau is organizing its 1st Digital Transformation Week, in collaboration with the World Bank Group.

Throughout the week of the 15th of November, experts, from not just UNDP and World Bank, will come together to discuss and present their initiatives around digital transformation and the possibilities of digital solutions to a sustainable development.

The panels will be divided into English and Portuguese. The agenda and the Zoom links for registration are available below. Next to the panel’s title, there is the indication of in which language the session will be conducted.


15.11.21 | Segunda-feira, Monday

10h | Sessão de Abertura, Opening Session (PORT)

10h30 | Digital Transformation, UNDP and the World Bank Group (ENG)

11h30 | Guinea-Bissau's Digital Readiness Assessment: challenges and opportunities (ENG)

12h30 | Lançamento Formal do Diagnóstico sobre Economia Digital do Banco Mundial  (PORT)


16.11.21 | Terça-feira, Tuesday

10h | Digital Transformation and SIDS: how digital can be an enabler to sustainable development (ENG)

13h| Economia Digital, Empreendedorismo e Inovação (PORT)


17.11.21 | Quarta-feira, Wednesday

10h | E-Governance: serviços públicos digitais e sua relevância para Guiné-Bissau (PORT)

11h Accountability & Transparência: soluções digitais made in Guiné-Bissau (PORT)


18.11.21 | Quinta-feira, Thursday

10h | Tecnologias verdes e proteção ambiental (PORT)

11h | e-Health: Can digital data save lives? Digitizing health response in Guinea-Bissau (ENG)


19.11.21 | Sexta-feira, Friday

10h | Digital Opportunities across the development sector: lessons from international organizations and private sector (ENG)

11h15 | Closing Session "Way Forward for a Digital Guinea-Bissau" (ENG/PORT)

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da qun xiang
da qun xiang

The future world is a digital world。
Promoting digital transformation is a great action of the United Nations for the benefit of all people in all countries and regions of the world。Global digital development can only develop healthily under the guidance and leadership of the United Nations。
It is of great global value to hold digital transformation with all countries in the world to promote national and regional development and accelerate the realization of sustainable development goals。
I call on large developing countries and developed countries to be open and transparent in digital resources, so that all people in the world can enjoy the dividends brought by the development of digital technology and contribute financially to global poverty reduction.。

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