Colombo Development Dialogues on Green Development

Afraa Mohamed
Afraa Mohamed

The Ministry of Environment of Sri Lanka, together with the United Nations Development Programme in Sri Lanka, and the co-convenors, are pleased to invite you to the Colombo Development Dialogues on Green Development. 

The impact posed by COVID-19 forced many countries to re-evaluate business as usual, and pivot towards sustainable growth models, thereby generating new, green, and sustainable economic trajectories. Towards framing these newer paradigms, the Colombo Development Dialogues on Green Development envisages a Whole of Society conversation on core thematic areas of Green Development, through a series of policy dialogues. Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, the Dialogues will frame narratives on innovative policy making, sustainable financing and multi-stakeholder collaboration which will allow key stakeholders to articulate policy underpinnings to support the formulation of a National Framework for Green Development in Sri Lanka. 
Join us for this virtual series. The dialogues will kickstart with four sessions.

The opening session will explore the following:

The Sri Lankan Narrative: What is Green Development?



To help frame a localized narrative for green development and explore intersections between the environment and human development, including themes such as circular economy, sustainable consumption, and production (SCP), renewable energy, ecosystem services/nature-based solutions etc., and strengthen understanding of SDGs, NDCs and green development.

This session will address the following:

  • What does green development look like in the Sri Lankan context? Is it traditional development with a green lens or is it a complete revamp of existing systems? What are the global best practices and examples? What are its benefits?
  • How can it be achieved? What is the role of green economy and circular economy principles to achieve green development? What are the priority sectors that should be targeted? What are the economic, social, and environment benefits? (Potential for creating jobs, reducing debt burden, biodiversity, and ecosystem services etc.)
  • How can green development act as a nexus between global development policies and economic growth for countries to progress towards achieving both the SDGs, NDCs, and beyond?
  • Why is promoting green development fundamental to an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable COVID-19 recovery?

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