Climate governance: steering the green transition at a city level

Hawa Barrie
Hawa Barrie

The discussion around climate governance continues to broaden as more cities experience extreme climatic conditions such as flooding and droughts. Many cities have been planning and implementing climate mitigation and adaptation actions at local levels. The United Nations Development Programme in partnership with Demos Helsinki is organizing a webinar titled “Climate Governance: anticipatory steering of the green transition at a city level”.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday  28th  February 2024 at  12:00 CET. There will be two speakers who have vast knowledge of the subject and have been carefully selected to introduce concepts and case studies making the conversation highly interactive.

One of the speakers, Vera Djakonoff a foresight expert at Demos Helsinki, whose work is dedicated to transformative governance, promoting governments’ ability to both foster resilience and drive transformation. She has worked extensively with national ministries, agencies, regional bodies and UNDP, and  Lilybell Evergreen an expert focusing on supporting cities to utilize the power of climate governance to transform the mindset, tools, and knowledge they use in organizing and implementing climate actions.

 The webinar is expected to provide insights and highlight possibilities and challenges colleagues in other countries and entities are facing. Demos Helsinki is an independent think tank, working together with the public sector, private sector, and NGOs. Their goal is to impact the ongoing global transformations actively and aim to build sustainable and fair post-industrial societies.

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