Asia-Pacific Dialogue on Youth Empowerment in Climate Actions

Lauren Borders
Lauren Borders

The virtual dialogue will take place during February 09-10, 2021 aiming to enhance youth empowerment for climate actions in the lead up to the Asia-Pacific Climate Week and the COP 26 in the United Kingdom and beyond. It also aims to strengthen collaborations between young leaders and key actors such as governments, civil society, private sector etc. The virtual dialogue outcomes are:

Inspire - Through the stories shared by young changemakers and industry influencers, participants are expected to be motivated to engage and empower young people in driving the climate agenda of their countries

Knowledge - Acting on climate agenda and NDCs require up to date knowledge and skills, dedicated sessions will be curated to provide essential knowledge and discussions for various participant groups such as youth and government leaders

Action - Success of this dialogue will rely on the key actions/interventions that will be developed/ improved and executed by the participants such as youth and government leaders, a knowledge and collaboration platform will be launched with the key actions by various organizations and individuals


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