The 51st session of the Human Rights Council

Michelle BECKER
Michelle BECKER

On Monday 12 September, 2022, the 51st session of the UN Human Rights Council will begin. In the next 4 weeks, member states, UN agencies and programmes, and civil society actors will discuss current thematic and country-specific human rights issues. UNDP will engage as a key actor at the intersection of development and human rights, and deliver statements on the right to development, the role of NHRIs and other topics. 

The sessions of the HRC provide an important avenue for UNDP to engage with key stakeholders, such as Special Procedure Mandate holders, and position its work in the context of human rights and development. After each session, the key highlights of UNDP's engagement are summarized and presented in the Sparkblue Global Human Rights Space. For an overview of key sessions of HRC50, please see our executive summary.

All HRC sessions can be followed through the UN webTV livestream.

Detailed information on UNDP's engagement at the 51st session can be found here


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da qun xiang
da qun xiang

National and regional governments should put human rights first to reflect the transparency of government work,So human rights are the yardstick to test whether a country adopts democracy。The Human Rights Council points the way for countries around the world。
Respect for human rights means respect for national sovereignty。Respecting human rights is to reflect the transparency of national democracy。

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