Welcome to the Engagement Room for the Project’s Results Framework!


A Project Results Framework was developed as a requirement in the Project Document to evaluate the progress and achievements of the project. It is a table with indicators and targets. The indicators, such as website & systems upgrade, policy development, percentage of staff trained, Gender Assessment Report, etc., all have a target for mid-term and a target for end of project. The Monitoring and Evaluation Plan indicates how the results and achievements will be monitored and evaluated, while the Governance and Management Arrangements define the roles and responsibilities of each party in this process. All three files can be downloaded below.

Risks are reviewed and updated at least every half year in the online UNDP project management system ATLAS/Quantum. The latest risk log can be downloaded below.

Please contribute your opinions about the indicators and targets, based on your knowledge and experience.

Please consider the below questions.  Feel free to also comment generally. We would really appreciate it if you can provide the rationale or story behind your opinion. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Which indicator or target is not realistic or unclear and why?
  • What indicator or target could or should be added that are in line with the project activities?
  • Which target might not be achieved and why?
  • How can the indicators or targets identified above be improved within the scope of the project?




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