Welcome to the Engagement Room for Performance-based Payment!


Performance-based payments (PBPs) is a specific modality introduced by UNDP to disburse payments to an implementing party (IEF) which are based upon the independently verified achievement of an agreed measurable development result by an Independent Assessor and as stipulated in the UNDP-IEF PBP Agreement. No advances are provided, rather payments are made only upon the verified achievement of agreed results. This approach gives greater incentive to IEF to achieve results.

An explanatory note is attached at the end.

Please let us know how you see the current framework. Some questions you might consider:

  • What aspects of the PBP process should be explained more clearly?
  • Are there any proposed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Social and Environmental Safeguards (SES) indicators and their means of verification (MoV) that can be difficult to be independent assessed and why?
  • What are your recommendations to replace or strengthen or improve either the KPIs and the MoVs or the SES indicators and MoVs or both?
  • What roles can non-state actors play to support IEF in the implementation of these indicators and MoVs?


We look forward to hearing from you.




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