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What is Digital X?


Digital X's purpose is to expedite the scaling of digital solutions across international boundaries, aiming to make the process more efficient and secure. UNDP recognizes the pressing need to amplify successful initiatives, minimize redundancy, and enhance collaboration among development entities. Consequently, Digital X is committed to facilitating the scaling of digital solutions not only from UNDP but also from various sources, including UN agencies, social enterprises, the private sector, nonprofits, NGOs, universities, and beyond.

Linkages between Digital X and Poverty and Inequality CoP

Digital X aims to address challenges the UNDP country office and member states face with an comprehensive and case-by-case approach. Its strenght is that the Digital X has an global outlook, with partnerships from varied public and private actors.

Akojo Market was one of the many cases fostered by the Digital X partnership. You access the event below and learn more about it:

Learn more about the event here

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