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Welcome to the Poverty & Inequality Community of Practice! This document outlines the various roles within our Community, highlighting the value and benefits of each role. Whether you are a potential or existing member, this guide will help you better understand the opportunities for engagement and collaboration in our CoP. Some roles are open and provide avenues for active participation, while others are set. We invite you to explore the roles and find the best fit for you, as we work together to address poverty and inequality. 



Members of the Poverty & Inequality CoP engage in the Community's activities and benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of fellow members. Ideal candidates are UNDP colleagues with a direct connection to UNDP's Signature Solution on Poverty and Inequality. By joining the Community, members gain access to valuable resources as well as the opportunity to sharpen their professional skills and network with like-minded peers, ultimately boosting their impact on Poverty and Inequality issues.


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Thematic Leads

Thematic Leads are members who also serve as technical experts who drive engagement and knowledge-sharing within the Community around their area of expertise. Ideal candidates possess deep subject matter expertise and a collaborative mindset. By becoming a Thematic Lead, you can gain recognition as a confirmed expert in your field, expand your network, enhance your professional reputation, and contribute significantly to UNDP's goals in addressing poverty and inequality.

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Core Group members

Core Group members are CoP members who take on a leadership role in shaping the Community's design and initiatives while role modelling desired behaviours. Core Group members are engaged, committed participants in the CoP, recognized as Community Champions by their fellow members. Ideal candidates are members who are the most interested in and most passionate about the Community. Involvement as a Core Group Member enhances your professional network and reputation, giving you co-ownership in the community's success, all within a collaborative environment.

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Community Advocates (CO Focal Points)

The P&I CoP Advocate at each Country Office plays a crucial role in ensuring that their local team's needs and interests are effectively represented in the global Community. They are the communicators, understanding and conveying their office's unique learning requirements to the wider Community, while making sure the latest knowledge and resources from the global network are brought back to their team. They also act as promoters, sharing their office's accomplishments and best practices on a regional or global scale. By doing this, the P&I CoP Advocate strengthens their team's ability to confront poverty and inequality issues, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing across the broader UNDP network. 

Community Manager

The Community Manager orchestrates the Poverty & Inequality CoP's activities and fosters a collaborative environment. Responsible for community strategy, reporting, business integration, member experience, moderation, content management, relationship building, and event design and facilitation, the Community Manager ensures that the community's goals and initiatives are aligned. The Community Manager for the Poverty & Inequality CoP is:

Davide Piga - Community Manager Poverty and Inequality

Cemal Balaman - Intern

Community Sponsor

The Community Sponsor, as the highest authority in the organization on the CoP's thematic area, sets the strategic vision for the Community, provides guidance to the Community Advisors and ensures that the Poverty & Inequality CoP remains relevant and aligned with UNDP's broader goals and initiatives. The CoP provides regular reports to the Community Sponsor, seeking their input help foster this alignment and maximize the community's impact in addressing poverty and inequality issues. The Community Sponsor is an advocate for the CoP and demonstrates its value to the sponsoring unit and the organization as a whole. The Community Sponsor for the Poverty & Inequality CoP is: 

George Ronald Gray - SPE Head and Chief Economist

Community Advisors

Community Advisors serve as strategic advisors for the CoP, connecting the Community with the organization's broader goals. They capture and convey strategic priorities and opportunities related to poverty and inequality through their access to senior management, using this intelligence to strategically position the Community and shape its vision on Poverty and Inequality. Among Community Advisors, Regional Community Advisors are strategically positioned in each of UNDP's five Regional Hubs. Their role is to help ensure consistent engagement of COs and keep the CoP informed of regional priorities and contexts.

Team Leader

Luca Renda

Global Advisors

Nathalie Bouche - Senior Strategic Advisor, Inclusive Growth

Renata Rubian - Policy Advisor, Inclusive Growth


Isiyaka Sabo - Economics Advisor

Arab States

Vito Intini - Regional Lead Economist

Susanne Dam-Hansen - Chief Country Operations Support/Deputy Manager


Philip Schellekens, Chief Economist Asia Pacific

Mizuho Okimoto-Kaewtathip - Inclusive Growth & Prosperity Advisor

Ram Iyer, Manager Advisor at the Regional Hub in Bangkok (RBAP) 

Europe and Central Asia

Vesna Dzuteska-Bisheva - Team Leader, Inclusive Growth Team

Latin America and Caribbean

Rita Sciarra - Team Leader Inclusive Growth

Almudena Fernandez - SDGs Technical Advisor

Engine Room

The Engine Room team provides essential support and resources for the Community's smooth operations and continuous growth. The Engine Room focuses on infrastructure, tools and support, metrics and evaluation, communication and advocacy, online consultation advisory services, and continuous improvement. This multidimensional approach ensures that the CoP remains up to date with relevant technologies, practices, and strategies, while also fostering a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing and collaboration. By streamlining processes and enhancing the overall CoP experience, the Engine Room plays a vital role in helping the Community achieve its objectives in addressing poverty and inequality. The Engine Room is led by:

Nina Grinman - SDG Engagement Specialist

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