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Welcome to the Poverty & Inequality Community of Practice (CoP)! This guide is designed to help you understand the different platforms used by our Community for collaboration, meetings, and co-creation. By familiarizing yourself with each platform's purpose and functionality, you can effectively participate in our vibrant community and enhance your impact on poverty and inequality issues.



The Poverty & Inequality Teams space focuses on internal coordination among CoP members, especially the Core Group. Things like our Members List, our Library, and our shared calendar are hosted in Teams. Most online community events occur on Teams.​​​​

Who can see this: when you post here, all members of the CoP can see it.

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Viva Engage


The Poverty & Inequality Group on Viva Engage (formerly Yammer) is the primary platform for internal P&I-related discussions among UNDP staff. Accessible to UNDP staff, this group fosters visibility, collaboration, and cross-departmental interaction on P&I issues.

Who can see this: when you post here, all UNDP staff can see it.

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SparkBlue is UNDP's digital platform for online engagement, enabling staff to collaborate with the international development community. We use SparkBlue for structured internal and external consultations, as SparkBlue offers global visibility.

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By leveraging the unique benefits of each platform, we can collaborate effectively, share knowledge, and advance global poverty and inequality solutions.

Need more guidance?

  • Use the Platform Selection Cheatsheet provided below to help you choose the best platform based on specific use cases.
  • Refer to the Community Activities Guide for practical guidance on engaging with the Community in various formats tailored to your needs and aspirations.


Platform Selection Cheatsheet 

Refer to this cheatsheet when you need guidance on platform selection for your activities and interactions.

Use Case 



Find the members of the community, filtering them by expertise, location, and other criteria 


Provides a centralized and easily accessible Members List enabling members to quickly and efficiently identify and connect with fellow members. 

Explore the thematic areas covered by the work of the CoP and find who is leading on each area 


Provided a list of topics and the associated Thematic Leads, enabling the CoP to stay focused on the important aspects of UNDP’s work on Poverty & Inequality. 

Ask a quick question about P&I to fellow members of the CoP 

Viva Engage 

Encourages internal organic discussions and knowledge exchange among CoP members 

Organize a formal global consultation to inform a new policy on P&I 


Facilitates collaboration with external partners and showcases public-facing work to a global audience 

Coordinate a meeting with Core Group members 


Ensures efficient internal coordination and communication among Core Group members 

Share a relevant article or resource with the CoP 

Viva Engage 

Promotes knowledge sharing and provides visibility to resources within the CoP 

Engage with external experts on P&I issues 


Connects the CoP with the wider international development community and fosters collaboration with experts 

Plan a CoP event or workshop 


Provides a shared calendar for scheduling events and a platform for coordinating event organization 

Store and access CoP-related documents 


Offers a centralized document library for easy access and organization of CoP materials 

Broadcast an important announcement to the entire CoP 

Teams (Mailing List) 

Enables the facilitation team to effectively communicate important information 

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