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Viva Engage is UNDP's primary platform for conversations among staff members. The platform is visible and accessible to UNDP staff, providing visibility to discussions happening among staff across the organization and the globe. You can access UNDP's Viva Engage network signing in with your UNDP credentials.

Discussions, questions, and polls related to Poverty & Inequality on Viva Engage are systematically tagged with topics from the P&I Community Topics List. Each topic has a dedicated page displaying all conversations marked with that particular topic. On these topic pages, you can see the number of followers and their identities.

To stay informed, we recommend following the P&I Topics you're interested in so that you'll receive notifications whenever new content is posted on Viva Engage on that specific topic. To quickly find and follow topic pages, visit the P&I Community Topics List and check the "Viva Engage" column, which contains links to all the topic pages for the P&I Community Topics.

By actively engaging in conversations and answering questions related to your areas of expertise, you'll increase your visibility and build your reputation within the Community and UNDP. Following relevant topics and contributing to discussions will not only help you stay informed but also elevate your expert profile.


Topics show at the bottom of posts on Viva Engage


You can follow topic pages to be notified when new content is posted on Viva Engage

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