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Find the members of the Community, filtering them by expertise, location, and other criteria

The Community's Who's Who directory is a comprehensive list of members who have joined the Poverty & Inequality Community through the Connect with the Community form. When joining, members provide details about their location, divisional affiliation, spoken languages, and a brief bio focusing on their work related to poverty and inequality. Additionally, members are encouraged to complete the Expertise Mapping self-assessment, which captures their expertise levels across various areas related to poverty and inequality.

This information is consolidated into a dynamic Members List that allows you to search for fellow members based on various criteria, such as geographical location, divisional affiliation, expertise, languages spoken, and more.

Use views and filters to find what you are looking for

You can browse members using Views and Filters.

  • Views are custom-designed layouts that present specific subsets of the members list based on predefined criteria. For example, the "Members list" view displays basic details about each member, including their short bio, while the "Expertise" view showcases members' expertise scores across the thematic areas related to the Community's scope of work. The "Core Group" view lists members who have volunteered to take a more active role in the Community.
  • Filters, on the other hand, are tools that help you refine the list of members based on specific attributes. You can apply multiple filters simultaneously to find members who meet your desired criteria, such as those who speak a particular language, are based in a certain location, or have a high expertise score in a specific thematic area.

Views and filters work together to provide you with an efficient way to explore the members list, discover new connections, and identify potential collaborators within the Poverty & Inequality Community. As member needs evolve, new views can be designed to enhance the browsing experience and ensure that you can easily find the information you're looking for.




Keep your profile up to date

To ensure the directory remains relevant and useful, it's crucial to keep member profiles up to date. Please update your profile whenever your details change. The Facilitation Team will send a yearly reminder to review your profile. If you have completed the Expertise Mapping self-assessment—which we encourage in order to gain recognition as an expert and access exclusive opportunities within the Community—you will also receive an annual invitation to resubmit your assessment through a dedicated survey.

Who is Who - Members' List View

Who is Who - Expertise Mapping View

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