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The Poverty & Inequality Expertise Self-Assessment is a tool designed to visualize and organize members' expertise across the 31 topics that define the scope of our Community's work. By providing a clear overview of each member's proficiency in various poverty and inequality topics, based on their self-assessment, this user-friendly tool streamlines connections and collaborations within the Community for multiple purposes, such as:

  • Expertise Market: matching members with relevant expertise to those eager to learn about specific topics.
  • Focused engagements: identifying and inviting knowledgeable Community members to contribute to initiatives and discussions in their areas of expertise.
  • Topic Leadership: establishing a basis for selecting Topic Leads who proactively advance the Community's work on specific topics, promoting knowledge exchange, exploration of emerging issues and opportunities, and co-creation of development solutions.

By completing the Expertise Self-Assessment, you not only enhance the Expertise Market's effectiveness, but also gain recognition as an expert and unlock various exclusive opportunities within the Community.

The Facilitation Team will remind you to update your assessment regularly to ensure the mapping remains current and accurately reflects your evolving skills and knowledge. By maintaining an up-to-date profile, you'll stay visible within the Community and maximize the benefits of your involvement.

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