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The Poverty & Inequality CoP has a Viva Engage group which is used as the primary platform for P&I-related conversations among UNDP staff. This group is visible and accessible to UNDP staff, providing visibility to discussions related to poverty and inequality, and promoting cross-departmental collaboration to break internal silos. You can join the Poverty & Inequality group on Viva Engage, signing in with your UNDP credentials. 

You are welcome and encouraged to post messages spontaneously, but remember that investing some effort in crafting your posts can yield better answers and insights. Considering these tips for well-crafted posts will help maximize your Community interactions: 

1) Pick the appropriate post type: Viva Engage offers three post types: Discussion, Question, and Poll. Use "Question" for asking a question, "Poll" for a quick survey, and "Discussion" for other content, including announcements about events or activities relevant to the Community. The default option is "Discussion." 

2) Add all relevant topics to your post: Adding the right topics to your post increases visibility among people interested in those topics, resulting in higher engagement. We made it easy for you to add topics relevant to Poverty & Inequality: all the P&I Community Topics are available to use in Viva Engage. Simply click on "Add topics," type the topic name, and select the suggested option as it appears. 

Step 1: Click on the icon to Add topics

Step 2: Type the name of the topic



3) For more structured conversations, get help from the Facilitation Team. They can help amplify your posts' reach and impact as well as assist in refining your message, identifying and engaging the target audience, posting on suitable platforms, and summarizing insights into a Consolidated Reply. If you believe your question or discussion could spark a significant conversation - such as on a strategic topic or one that intersects various Signature Solutions - reach out to our Community Manager before posting your message.

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