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Practical ways to participate and gain from the Community

The Community provides a variety of practical opportunities for members to engage, exchange knowledge, and collaborate. These include both facilitated activities, led by the facilitation team, and non-facilitated activities, which members can take part in independently. 

Choosing Community Activities to Match Your Needs

Use the guide below to select the activities that best suit your needs. Click on an activity to find more information and guidance about it.

If you are interested in a specific activity and are looking for guidance, refer to the list of activities provided just after the table.

NEEDS - If you wish to achieve this... 


ACTIVITIES - Then do this... 

Networking with colleagues and being recognized for my expertise

Participate in Community Roundtables 

Be featured on the Poverty & Inequality Expertise Market

Join and contribute to discussions on topics that align with your expertise and interests in the Viva Engage group 

Have your work featured in the Community Snapshot

Organize a Solution Spotlight session

Participate in conversations and consultations in the SparkBlue group

Seeking ideas, advice, and support from colleagues

Ask a question during the Poverty & Inequality Clinic segment of a Community Roundtable

Ask a question or start a discussion in the Viva Engage group 

Announcing an event, initiative, or publication

Post it in the Viva Engage group 

Share it during a Community Roundtable 

Submit it for posting in the Community Snapshot 

Staying informed of colleagues' work on Poverty & Inequality

Participate in the Community Roundtables 

Follow Topics of Interest on Viva Engage

Read the Community Snapshot 

Being informed or learning opportunities and being invited to conferences, events, and workshops relevant to my work

Follow Topics of Interest on Viva Engage 

Participate in Community Roundtables

Read the Community Snapshot 

Identifying who is working on particular topics relevant to Poverty & Inequality

Browse the Community's Who's Who directory (Members List) 

Identify experts with the Expertise Mapping

Learning about or sharing good practices and successful approaches Participate in or organize a Solution Spotlight session
Showing interest in specific topics and inviting external speakers to share their knowledge. Suggest a topic or a speaker for a Solution Spotlight session
Finding past and present Community discussions relevant to my work

Browse the P&I Community Topics list

Co-authoring reports and papers on Poverty & Inequality 

Identify potential co-authors with the Expertise Mapping

Suggest your idea during a Community Roundtable

Accessing research and data on issues related to Poverty & Inequality 

Browse the P&I Community Topics list 

List of Community Activities

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