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"Greater cooperation is the only way to defeat COVID-19 and restore and accelerate progress on the SDGs and the pledge to leave no one behind." Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator

UNDP’s contribution to vaccine equity is part of its COVID-19 response which prioritizes governance, social protection, green economy, and digital disruption, as well as its role as integrator and technical lead of the UN Framework for the Immediate Socio-Economic Response to COVID-19, contributing to the overall UN Comprehensive Response to COVID-19.

UNDP support on vaccine equity aims to strengthen systems and governance for greater equity, resilience, and sustainability. The paper describes three action areas where UNDP, under WHO and UNICEF’s leadership, can contribute to national deployment and vaccination plans, working closely with UN Country Teams led by Resident Coordinators: 

  1. Digital solutions for vaccine delivery and systems strengthening;
  2. Data for vaccine equity; and 
  3. Greening COVID-19 vaccination.

Published in June 2021


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