This is how the "Regional Programme Document for Asia and the Pacific (2022–2025)" reflects to South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC): 

· Art 40: “UNDP will collaborate with the UNCDF on innovative financing, especially pertaining to climate adaptation, and with UNOSSC on climate change and digitization. The emphasis on collaborative efforts will include subregional institutions such as ASEAN and SAARC on agenda setting and policy coherence”.
· Art. 44: “At the regional level, risks will be addressed by conducting analyses and developing solutions to overcome fiscal constraints, tap into local and international development resources and new or strengthened partnerships (such as with the private sector and through South-South and triangular cooperation), and access new sources of development finance”.
· Art. 55: “The regional multi-stakeholder country-to-country knowledge exchange tool will serve as the main platform on achieving the SDGs. The platform will promote South-South cooperation and regular cross-regional exchanges will be encouraged”.

Check the attachment below for more information. 


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