The Covid -19 endangered the future of health, the economy (employment, the business market), and social interactions. The pandemic has brought uncertainty in the entire social sphere, and it is in this context of uncertainties and paradigm shifts in the way we deal with each other, that the Accelerator lab Cape Verde received at Lab Open Day*  the Seed Plant Drone solution by Érico Pinheiro.

A new chapter has started for the drone project, “Since I started, I’ve always used my own resources,” Pinheiro said in a recent interview. “But of course, if I had funding, I could have developed at a faster pace.” but after the presentation at Lab Open Day, a new hope of partnerships and also funds arised. Due to the geographic isolation of many areas, the Cape Verdean population’s access to health services is inherently destabilized,”. Most health services are affected, including the delivery of medicines and medical samples for analysis at hospital labs. Érico set up his start-up Prime Robotics to provide his versatile drones for logistics and agricultural services purposes.  With the emergence of COVID-19, Érico with the Accelerator Lab partnership have repurposed Prime Robotics to medical logistics, to help counter problems created by the COVID-19 onslaught in the islands.

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