Better insights for better action: The UNDP Crisis Risk Dashboard

Decision-makers at every level require reliable data to make risk-informed choices. With this goal in mind, back in 2016, a team in UNDP started building a simple information repository to support an internal mechanism on crisis prevention and response. As they presented the project, it became immediately visible that the UNDP’s needs went beyond giving staff easy access to data. The organization needed a platform where data coming from different thematic areas could be connected, overlayed, and correlated. This realization led to the design of the Crisis Risk Dashboard (CRD). 

- The CRD platform helps UNDP anticipate and respond to risks at global, regional, and country levels by providing easy access to timely and relevant data visualizations and analysis, but most of all: by telling clear and compelling data stories and effectively communicating key trends and risks. Global CRD combines and visualizes primarily open-source data - such as on emerging natural hazards, live global news trends, conflict dynamics and national development indicators - serve as a resource in support of crisis risk analysis for the entire organization. This allows UNDP to translate a broad range of information into useable, visual formats to facilitate higher level scanning and understanding of trends and evolving situations at the regional and global level. Through this tool, the Crisis Bureau ensures that relevant and updated data is readily available to support human-led processes of monitoring, analysis, and formulation of anticipatory measures and responses. 

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