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We are living in a time characterized by change; from our rapidly warming climate, to growing urbanization, as well as demographic shifts, to global pandemics and conflicts. Municipalities are at the center of this change and are facing a growing number of complex challenges.

To prepare for and adapt to an increasingly uncertain future, new tools and approaches can help municipalities be prepared for and support a sense of readiness for the changing future.  

What will this course cover?

This course introduces some of the key topics that will shape municipalities in the coming decades. The intention of this course is to boost the future readiness of municipalities to shape thriving and prosperous places. 

Across a series of modules, you will gain a broad understanding of a range of topics; from the Green Deal, and Smart and Inclusive Cities, to approaches to managing complex problems and mobilizing municipal resources, funding and financing.  

The course provides a range of opportunities to learn; from video summaries and bite-sized content to interactive quizzes and activities to help you to apply these new learnings to your own context.  

What can I expect to gain from this course?

This course has been designed for a broad range of municipal officials, ranging from municipal policymakers and planners to political leadership and mayors. It offers an opportunity for all municipal changemakers to learn a new foundation of future-readiness.  

About the Urban Learning Center

The Urban Learning Center (ULC) brings new learning and networking opportunities within the M4EG network providing an enabling learning ecosystem. This includes a new generation of Local Economic Development Plans, moving from a linear project to a ‘portfolio of options’ approach to tackling complex challenges, and innovation mentoring and seed-funds.

The ULC intends to introduce approaches beyond ‘business as usual’ with a range of tools and approaches with an ‘urban makeover’ intention, including such things as foresight, social and community listening, sensemaking, adaptive and agile management, learning and monitoring effects, all with a strong focus on local solutions linked to the global objectives set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its framework of SDGs.

About Mayors 4 Economic Growth

The Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) is a joint EU & UNDP initiative to support Mayors and their teams in the Eastern Partnership region. The M4EG offers resources, network and learning opportunities to explore new trajectories of growth, to make towns and cities more attractive for people and investment. The M4EG takes a 'hyperlocal' and whole-of-place approach. There are no quick fixes for complex challenges - how is your municipality investing in continuous learning, experimentation, and collaboration to be more #futureready?


Cost of participation: This online course is offered free-of-charge

Languages: English / Armenian / Azerbaijani  / Georgian / Romanian  / Russian / Ukrainian

Location: Online


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UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub

eu.m4eg@undp.org / tina.stoum@undp.org / semira.osmanovic@undp.org

European Commission, DG NEAR


& through the Learning Community: M4EG Network


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