Towards our Common Digital Future by German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU)

‘Digitalization’  is  often  described  as  a  huge  upheaval  facing our societies to which we must adapt. The WBGU opposes  this  interpretation,  saying  that  digitalization  must be shaped in such a way that it can serve as a lever and support for the Great Transformation towards Sustainability, and can be synchronized with it. The WBGU understands digitalization broadly as the development and  application  of  digital  and  digitalized  technologies  that  augment  and  dovetail  with  all  other  technologies  and methods. It has a profound effect on all economic, social  and  societal  systems  and  is  developing  an  ever  greater transformative force. This in turn is increasingly having a fundamental impact on people, societies and the planet itself and must therefore be managed accordingly.  Just  as  in  1987  the  Brundtland  Report  entitled  ‘Our Common Future’ outlined the concept of Sustain-able Development, the WBGU’s report entitled ‘Towards Our Common Digital Future’ sketches the concept of a digitalized sustainability society.

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