The Framework for Intergenerational Fairness is a tool for systematic and impartial assessment of public policies for their impact on all generations, present and future, to identify potential intergenerational imbalances.

This tool can be used:

  • To provide information about policies’ impacts over the long-term
  • To encourage policy makers to consider inter-generational impacts when defining public policies
  • To promote informed discussion about difficult decisions, making the political choices clearer
  • Include voices and perspectives not currently heard
  • To mobilise citizens as a constituency
  • To align with initiatives from international organizations such as the EU and OECD to improve policy making



Public sector experts, whose function is to develop opinions and formal recommendations to the government.

Civil society: universities, think-tanks, media and other entities or citizens, whose purpose is to make their own judgement, to be better informed and to pressure political power.






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