UNDP’s Whole-of-Society Digital Readiness Assessments aim to identify and prioritise digital interventions as part of a country’s digital transformation journey, and are intended to serve as an “entry point” for increased engagement between governments, UNDP Country Offices, and a broad range of UNDP experts. They help improve coordination and provide clarity to drive a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach to digital transformation, and being implemented in 30+ countries. While the original digital readiness assessment serves to provide high-level insights into a country’s national digital readiness, this toolkit suggests a sectoral approach, which helps to find entry points that contribute toward a green transition.

The tool kit comprehensively covers the purpose and benefits of the assessment, how to select participants and deliver the workshop, developing discussion questions, collecting data and insights, and analyzing and sharing results. It includes tips and examples to help facilitate the process.

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