Creative and cultural industries have special importance for SIDS. Linked to indigenous cultural talents and wisdom, these industries have a significant potential to drive innovation and value-creation. These industries are valuable lifelines to address SIDS’ challenges in terms of natural, human and technical resources, including by improving employment and resilience especially for youth and women. Scaled-up technical assistance and SIDS-SIDS triangular cooperation will be key to develop this cultural entrepreneurial framework for SIDS, including by developing models for creative industries, innovation networks, and creative clusters. 

In this regard, St. Kitts and Nevis (KNA) has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to accelerate and preserve their creative and cultural industry. KNA is pursuing a distinctly SIDS-associated cultural and creative entrepreneurship policy in order to bolster cultural identity and intangible cultural heritage. This approach is focused on supporting an ecosystem of creative and cultural industries, including by advancing technical and institutional capacity and pursuing innovative financing. Education and training in arts administration, heritage management, and cultural entrepreneurship will also be essential for capacity-building. As KNA and other Caribbean SIDS continue to diversify their economies beyond tourism and fisheries, adaptation of cultural policies will be essential to meet the opportunities and challenges presented by SIDS’ digital transformation. Additionally, improving data collection on national cultural heritage and socioeconomics will continue to support creative entrepreneurship. 


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