SparkBlue wins two prizes at the Splash Awards 2020

Francesca Masoero
Francesca Masoero • 9 November 2020

The Splash Awards celebrates the best Drupal projects around the world.

The Awards focus on user experience, accessibility, originality, design, and contribution across a number of categories such as Education, Corporate, Commerce, and Government.

Splash Awards are a badge of recognition within the open-source Drupal community and ecosystem. 

At the DrupalJam 2020 re:Boot the Splash Awards were specifically awarded to the best Drupal projects in the Netherlands.

Open Social (the tech company who helped us build SparkBlue) submitted SparkBlue for the Splash Award in the category of Government & not-for-profit projects, detailing the unique features of the platform, and the unique contribution to the open-source community that SparkBlue resulted in.

SparkBlue won not only the Splash Award in the category of Government & not-for-profit, but was also awarded the overall Splash Award for Website of the Year 2020 which is the highest award at this event.

sparkblue wins 2 awards_splash awards_drupaljam

You can take a look at the recorded live-stream of this year's Splash Awards here (Government & NPO category at 25:00 / Website of the Year at 52:00):
You can read more about Open Social & the Drupal community here.