Issue 66 | 6 November 2022


On the frontlines of climate change, SIDS don’t have the luxury of time. Yet, the age of data and automation offers new promise for urgency in climate action. The acceleration of data utilization for SIDS in governance and monitoring is partly out of necessity, as SIDS’ dispersion renders energy grid optimization more complex, supply chain challenges more pervasive, and climate resilience through rapid response and monitoring systems more urgent. 

Increasing data collection and disaggregation to enable more updated, robust, and representative data will be essential to bring the full benefits of digital transformation into climate policy. As His Excellency Mr. Azali Assoumani, President of Comoros, highlighted in our exclusive interview for this bulletin, “the integration of data streams through digital infrastructure is being accelerated as SIDS share knowledge and innovations, rising up together to build sustainable and resilient futures.” 

In line with these priorities, this bulletin also features an exclusive interview with the climate advocate, TEDx speaker, and Global Youth Ambassador at TheirWorld, Mr. Yuv Sungkur, who gives us insights on the role of youth in fighting climate change and building resilient SIDS. We also feature SIDS’ leadership in harnessing the potential of blue economy, and how SIDS are integrating digital transformation and innovative solutions into their ambitious energy transition plans.

Image: Alex Mustard/Ocean Image Bank


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