In recognition of the importance of transparency and sustainability in fishery management, SIDS are innovating in new technologies to improve oversight of fishing activity. Tuna fisheries, worth $40 billion per year at the final point of sale, are primarily managed by five regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs) which cover 90% of all tuna. As SIDS rely centrally on the fishery sector, the sustainability of the global tuna population is pivotal to the resilience of their industry and food supply.

To build monitoring of sustainability in the tuna supply chain requires reliable data on fishing efforts and sustainable yield including on catch, bycatch, and compliance with regulations. Automated data systems serve to complement human observer coverage and expand oversight to fleets through electronic monitoring technologies based on cameras and digital systems for improving transparency and traceability. Partnership with the private sector is essential for the success of these programs since seafood companies and other market partners are also responsible for providing oversight to meet the growing consumer demand for sustainability in global fisheries. Automated data streams also must be produced with central consideration of the privacy and confidentiality of the crew and stakeholders involved.

Beyond data collection systems, a digital infrastructure is being scaled across SIDS to guarantee that this information can be effectively transmitted and stored in a structured form so that analytical methods can be effectively applied and shared amongst fishery stakeholders. To certify that the effectiveness of the investment in EM systems is maximized, a data standard must be developed across sectors so that collection, review, transmission, and storage can be parallelized and scaled across SIDS, especially considering that fishing vessels often operate within multiple RFMO areas. The integration of these data streams is being accelerated as SIDS share knowledge and innovations in a global community to rise up together to build sustainability and resilient fisheries.


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