Safeguarding in the International Aid Sector

Sonal Gupta
Sonal Gupta • 11 August 2022

Safeguarding is key for all organisations working with and for children, young people and vulnerable adults. The need to strengthen safeguarding policies and practices has been identified as a particular priority in the international aid sector. The Open University in partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office have created a Safeguarding Leadership Training Package for Safeguarding Leads throughout the aid sector, at regional, national and local levels and contribute to building a cohort of trained safeguarding professionals and to the professionalisation of safeguarding. 

The training package draws on the experience and expertise of practitioners and academics from within the humanitarian sector and moves beyond compliance issues to promote critical thinking and reflection in safeguarding practice. It includes three courses on:

  1. Introduction to Safeguarding in the International Aid Sector
  2. Implementing Safeguarding in the International Aid Sector
  3. Leadership in Safeguarding in the International Aid Sector

Each of these courses has previously been run as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the Future Learn platform. A Training Toolkit is also available for those who have completed courses 1 and 2, to help deliver onward training to their teams.

Click here to enrol.


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