This is how the "Regional programme document for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (2022-2025)" reflects to South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC): 

· Art. 14: “As highlighted in the midterm review, the regional programme has helped cement the position of UNDP in the region as a multilateral partner of choice for South-South and triangular cooperation for development assistance providers in the region. Together with support from key bilateral partners (…), contributions to the regional programme from several new and emerging partners helped to catalyze aid and leverage development finance; engage the private sector in development; and implement innovative solutions while fostering regional knowledge exchanges (…)”.

· Art. 23: “The regional programme (…) will focus on: (…) iii) Supporting and connecting programme countries in capturing, codifying and sharing lessons learned, good practices and success stories, and accessing regional and global expertise and cutting-edge research, including through South-South and triangular cooperation”.

· Art. 26: “UNDP will further deepen its partnership with other strategic partners in order to deploy innovative solutions to development challenges in the region. As a central tool for South-South and triangular cooperation, the programme will further strengthen the UNDP role as a key multilateral development partner for new and emerging donors, helping to build capacity for development effectiveness and fostering knowledge exchange, mobilizing expertise and resources to help advance sustainable development in the region”.

Check the attachment below for more information. 


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