Despite the disproportionate vulnerabilities they face, SIDS are displaying courageous global leadership and pioneering change. UNDP's Offer “Rising Up for SIDS” responds to the most pressing needs of small island states, supporting them in turning challenges into opportunities for prosperous and transformative recovery. UNDP is enhancing support and investment in the interconnected pillars of climate action, blue economy and digital transformation with sustainable development finance as a crosscutting accelerator. By amplifying ambitions, leveraging innovative development solutions, and fostering genuine and durable partnerships, UNDP is supporting SIDS in safeguarding progress on the SAMOA Pathway, the 2030 Agenda and building forward better, bluer and greener. Join us, in Rising Up For SIDS.

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da qun xiang

We hope to establish close ties with SIDS and mobilize support for SIDS to achieve sustainable development and prosperity through the SparkBlue platform。

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