We are excited to share with you the passing of the Resolution on the promotion and protection of the rights of intersex persons in Africa by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR/Res.552(LXXIV) in its 74thordinary session held virtually from 21 February to 07 March 2023. This is terrific news that had been much awaited by intersex communities, their allies and human rights defenders.
The resolution calls upon States to promote and protect the rights of intersex persons and stop non-consensual genital surgical, hormonal and/or sterilization practices, which violate their right to bodily integrity, physical integrity and self-determination. It also calls for duty bearers to end all human rights violations against intersex persons, particularly the severe forms of infanticide and child abandonment, including prohibiting discrimination based on intersex traits, sexual characteristics and status in education, health, employment, competitive sports and access to public services, as well as ensuring decisions regarding intersex minors are taken in their strict and sole best interest. It further calls for educational, counselling, training and legal reform services for better protection of intersex rights and the environment in which their human rights defenders work.
Here is the link to Resolution 552 for your own information and to use in your ongoing advocacy and policy dialogue work.  
This is a victory for human rights that should first be credited to intersex communities, activists and allies who tirelessly worked with the ACHPR leadership to see their efforts got through to this point, including our partner Intersex Society of Zambia. The University of Pretoria’s Centre for Human Rights and UNDP’s #WeBelong Africa / Inclusive Governance Initiative team also provided support and input throughout the advocacy process, including through the direct provision of suggested text that now appears in paragraph 6 on the protection of intersex rights defenders from stigma, discrimination, reprisals and criminal prosecution.
This is an important step forward in the normative framework for the region.  Now it is time for us to collaborate to ensure implementation of the resolution across the continent, enhancing rights protections of intersex Africans.

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