This is how the "Regional Programme Document for Latin America and the Caribbean (2022–2025)" reflects to South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC): 

·Art. 8: “Results were achieved by leveraging cooperation with institutional partners (…) and by fostering South-South and triangular cooperation, e.g., between Cuba and Caribbean countries for strengthening early warning systems”.

· Art. 14: “(…) UNDP will implement an intersectoral portfolio designed to tackle complex systemic challenges (…) grounded in the “regionality principles” [including] regional and subregional partnership-building; and knowledge generation and sharing of experience and expertise, including through South-South and triangular cooperation with system-wide solutions to existing and emerging challenges that cannot be addressed in silos and require an integrated regional approach”.

· Art. 15: “(…) UNDP will scale up regional and global best practices and expertise, adapting them to local contexts to complement national efforts through South-South and triangular cooperation, innovation, evidence and knowledge generation and advocacy while promoting systems and portfolio approaches. (…).”

· Art. 24: “UNDP will craft integrated cross-sectoral solutions by scaling up policy advice, evidence and knowledge generation, advocacy and South-South and triangular cooperation to increase the inclusion of women, excluded groups (…) and other vulnerable groups (…).”

· Art. 30: “UNDP will scale up integrated solutions to build resilience through evidence-based, risk-informed and gender-responsive policymaking and planning and fostering South-South and triangular cooperation, especially in the Caribbean. UNDP will work with ministries, Parliamentary committees, academia, national disaster management systems, CDEMA, CEPREDENAC, the UNODRR and donors (…).”

· Art. 34: “(…) With a specific focus on citizen security in Central America and the Caribbean, UNDP will scale up synergies with regional initiatives to provide policy advice and advocacy, promote innovation, evidence and knowledge generation within government institutions and build capacities while fostering interregional South-South and triangular cooperation”.

· Art. 36: “Scaling up South-South and triangular cooperation in the Caribbean and Central America, UNDP will work with regional, national and subnational institutions, NGOs, academia, the private sector, multilateral donors and IFIs [on] (…) justice; reduce (…) gender-based violence (…); and (c) facilitate dialogues (…) while increasing equity and upholding human rights”.


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