PVE Monthly Highlights - May 2022


Global Highlight



Regional Highlights

  • The Bangkok Regional Hub (BRH) strengthened the Civil Society Organisations’ capacities to incorporate M&E processes into local programming, increasing resilience and empowering youths. A practice of knowledge-sharing of PVE best practices and lessons learned among South and Southeast Asian countries was encouraged, especially in the topics of theory of change, gender mainstreaming for M&E, and risk mitigation for PVE programs.

  • Check out BRH’s new bi-monthly newsletter from EU-UNDP projects in Asia, in partnership with UNOCT Southeast Asia.

MERCY workshop


  • UNDP Africa invited CSOs from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda to submit proposals for grants for activities that promote insider mediation, prevention of violent extremism, reintegration, and reconciliation efforts at the community-grassroots level. This complements UNDP’s collaboration with Elman Peace Centre’s Bilalo Byetu project that aims to encourage CSOs participation and strengthen their role in reintegration.



Country Highlights

  • UNDP has supported Deputy Governors on local implementation of the National Strategy to Prevent Violent Extremism in Iraq. See the Press Release. UNDP Iraq’s capacity building programmes also supported 25 more members of the governorate sub-committees to develop plans to prevent violent extremism, as part of UNDP Iraq’s Social Cohesion Program to promote stronger, peaceful and more cohesive communities.

  • Strength in unity: following a dialogue session facilitated by UNDP Iraq in collaboration with "Un Ponte Per" and local partner Iraqi Ashur Foundation for Relief and Development, religious leaders have also joined forces to combat violent extremism.

  • In Kazakhstan, more than 40 youths representing high schools and professional educational institutions, self-employed, unemployed and youth activists participated in the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) training organised by UNDP Kazakhstan as part of the Join EU-UN Partnership “Strengthening Resilience to Violent Extremism in Asia (STRIVE Asia)” to make youths more resilient to external challenges.

  • Reporting on conflict-sensitive information must be done with extreme caution to protect vulnerable communities. UNDP Kyrgyz Republic released the handbook “Recommendations for Reporting on Repatriation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Children from Conflict Zones”.

  • At the High-Level International Conference on Human Rights, Civil Society and Counter-Terrorism held in Spain, UNOCT’s Office of Parliamentary Engagement in Preventing and Countering Terrorism collaborated with the Shura Council of the state of Qatar to organize an event: “Engaging Parliamentarians with Civil Society Organizations in Enhancing Legislation and Oversight Functions on CT and PVE”. This showcased how CSOs can contribute and enhance parliamentary functions for the preventing and countering terrorism and violent extremism, and especially with regard to victims of terrorism. 

  • UNDP Somalia supported the Somalia Ministries of Religious Affairs to hold nation-wide competitions on knowledge of Islamic principles of peace during Ramadan, reaching 80 dusgis and madrassas in 4 states (Galmudug, HisShaballe, Southwest and Jubaland) and supporting the roll-out of the Paths to Peace – Tubaha Nabadda curriculum for madrassas.

  • In partnership with Global Peace Foundation, UNDP Tanzania spearheaded a peace-building project in regions of Lindi, Mtwara and Ruvuma, in activities such as raising awareness by mobilizing youths to participate in peacebuilding initiatives and encouraging religious leaders and communities to discuss faith-based narratives to enhance social cohesion. This kick-off event was well-attended by local government authorities, youth, media, community leaders and development officers.

  • In Trinidad and Tobago, the PVE-YES project kickstarted the "Peace Innovation Challenge", that engages youth organisations, women’s groups, NGOs, CBOs and FBOs to promote peace at the community level. A 3-week Peacebuilding and Project Management series concluded with a competition in which the UNDP supports and funds 5 winning teams’ project proposals. UNDP is also supporting the YTRC (institution that housed youth in conflict with the law) in two ways: first, by facilitating the revamping of the Learning Space for girls to have equitable access to full academic and vocational programme; second, by building the capacity of YTRC officers to effectively deal with youths in their charge by focusing on restorative justice and best practices in juvenile justice administration.

Disclaimer: the updates do not constitute an exhaustive list of monthly activities, rather only a selection of brief highlights that we are able to collect thanks to Country Office support. 

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