Professional rights & job security

Sara Ranasinghe • 22 February 2021
 Should career choices limited based on gender?

Toxic masculinity has put barriers and restrictions depriving women from achieving what they truly deserve.
The recent event when the first Sri Lankan female DIG (Bimshani Arachchi)as appointed, it caused quite the ruckus. 32 SSPs conveyed their displeasure claiming that the position shouldn't be held by a female, “no female officer in the country can be appointed as the DIG of police as the word ‘ WOMEN’ isn’t mentioned in the regulations pertaining to promotions”
And also challenging her appointment as violating their fundamental right to equality. 

Is it because of that they actually don't deserve it or is it because of that we live in society in the 21st century where the patriarchy is heavily rooted?
Unthinkably could woman lose a chance when she’s becoming better than others? 
Apart from this matter what came to my mind is , though we would be eligible for what we pursue in our careers ,could misogynist mindsets stop us becoming better? Even though we work with fervor, or we struggle hard ,would so called society let us suit in where we comfortable? 
What would happen if our professional rights & job security has to be questioned and another struggle for a women to go through?
Obviously these type of crucial moments without a doubt put us females in despondency. This is a often a matter of chance, with masculine fragile ego numbers confidence or discouragement  prevalence based on gender? Or deception lead more surely to distrust of men , than self deception to suspicion of principles? Society has more sophists but the intelligence should be enough to comprehend that the choice or worthiness of each should not be based on gender.
If we can have a female president in our country, why not other positions of power?