A Boundless Production in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). ‘Infinite Leaders’ is a podcast mini-series that explores how digital transformation, data and artificial intelligence can promote, provide engagement and deliver environmental sustainability.


The Digitalizing Environment Sustainability miniseries of 28 episodes puts host Richard Foster-Fletcher into conversation with some of greatest global thinkers and action takers working to make our world more sustainable, more equitable and more connected. It revolves around one big idea – we need leaders with an infinite mindset to harness digital technologies that will drive forward environmental sustainability and create lasting positive change. 

Episode list:

EP1: David Jensen, Digital Transformation Task Force, UNEP  – Listen now

EP2: Dirk Messner, President of the German Environment Agency – Listen now

EP4: Kristin Gutekunst, CEO at Overview Collective – Listen now

EP5: Steven Ramage, Group on Earth Observations (GEO) – Listen now

EP7: Gavin Starks, Founder at IcebreakerOne.org – Listen now

EP8: Andrew Zolli, VP Global Impact Initiatives at Planet – Listen now

EP10: Janet Salem, Circular Economy at United Nations – Listen now

EP11: Imtiaz Adam, Founder at Deep Learn Strategies – Listen now

EP13: Michal Nachmany, Climate Policy and Data Expert – Listen now

EP14: Youssef Nassef, Climate Adaptation Director – UNFCCC – Listen now

EP16: Jessie Oliver, Australian Citizen Science Association – Listen now

EP17: Rose Mwebaza, Director at UN Climate Technology Centre – Listen now

EP19: Alex Dehgan, CEO, Conservation X Labs – Listen now

EP20: Marianne Haahr, Director Green Digital Finance Alliance – Listen now

EP22: Ferdinando Villa, Basque Centre for Climate Change – Listen now

EP23: Bistra Dilkina, Center on AI in Society at Uni. of S. California– Listen now

EP25: Nick Wise, CEO at OceanMind – Listen now

EP26: Amir Banifatemi, Chief Innovation Officer at XPRIZE – Listen now

EP28: David Jensen, Digital Transformation Task Force, UNEP  – Listen now

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