The protection of nature is a human right in the constitution of Papua New Guinea (PNG). PNG is considered one of the world’s richest countries in terms of natural resources and biodiversity, as it holds more than 7 percent of the world’s species. Cultural inheritance and strong linkage to nature is considered one of the main reasons behind PNG’s biodiversity and nature’s conservation, and its people depend on the country’s natural resources for their existence and sustainability and is part of their identity. Despite these efforts to preserve their wealthy natural resources and protect the country’s biodiversity, the country’s natural wealth is at very high risk due to the mounting population growth and unsustainable activities, with very low climate financing in return. For example, less than 15 percent of PNG’s protected areas receive financial support. 

PNG is providing leadership in showing how climate finance and strong partnerships could help accelerate its green and blue recovery while building resilient and sustainable environments. In order to face this challenge and restore and protect its biodiversity and cultural heritage, PNG is mobilizing financial and technical support through partnerships and innovative tools to guide informed decision-making for comes to livelihoods and sustainable development. The PNG biodiversity digital toolkit is a new method to help protect the country’s biodiversity. PNG is also enhancing its blue economy through support to women-led businesses in the marine field while preserving the country’s coral reefs and mangrove forests.  

Image: Elodie Van Lierde

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