Coordinated by the UCLG Committee on Local Economic and Social Development, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UCLG Learning Team and the Andalusian Municipalities Fund for International Solidarity (FAMSI), the open, massive and online training course "Local Economic Development for Cohesive Territories" has been launched. This training course aims to analyse, share and generate ideas that can support local and regional actors in the promotion of local development strategies as an element of cohesion in a context of socio-economic recovery.

You will find this training on the United Cities and Local Governments learning platform #LearningWithUclg, in English, French and Spanish.

The training process has a duration of 7.5 hours of self-guided learning. In addition to the content articulated in 9 units, a large number of deepening materials and cases with practical experiences shared through short audio-visual capsules are provided.


You can now register now in this MOOC and access this learning space!

Available at:

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