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Every industry, every sector is being disrupted. How do you successfully, systemically, and sustainably transform your organization and avoid being left behind?

The System Transformation Masterclass Series is a program designed to equip leaders and decision makers a holistic set of techniques, perspectives, and mindsets to succeed in the systems arena, where change, uncertainty, and scale are important factors. Each System Transformation Masterclass module is an intense interactive two-day workshop that will give you deep insights, theoretical principles, powerful frameworks, and hands-on tools that will immediately set you on a pathway to transform your personal and organizational impact.

Course content

This course has three modules:

  1. System Acupuncture: Rethinking Leadership and Innovation
  2. Designing the Scale Advantage
  3. Mastering Systems Leadership

Upon completion of all three Modules of the System Transformation Masterclass Series, you will receive a System Transformation Leadership Certificate issued by Stanford ChangeLabs.

Target audience

This is a program for strategists, leaders, managers, and decision makers, who want to make change in challenge spaces that are dynamic, multi-dimensional, multi-stakeholder, and require innovative solutions.

Attend the Masterclass Series to gain frameworks and tools that will help you meet challenges with the capacity to drive scalable success, and deep systemic impact.


This course is available for a fee: Single module price: $3350, Two module bundled price: $5700, Three module bundled price: $9000. (For information on nonprofit prices, please contact Annette Zou:


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