We are pleased to inform you that the  NexusCollection podcast series – an initiative of IASC Results Group 4 on Humanitarian Development Collaboration – has just begun its second season.

The podcast series builds on the work of the Results Group over the last three years, bringing together speakers from around the world to discuss key issues around the nexus. Season two of the NexusCollection has kicked off with the very timely topic on; Forced Displacement and the Nexus: Enhancing Durable Solutions, which is organised by FAO and UNHCR, followed by The Centrality of Protection in the Nexus and We Don't Need No Education: How the Nexus Academy is Driving Change. 


Background: The Nexus Collection is an IASC initiative to capture key experiences and learning around the implementation of the Nexus approach. The podcasts cover a range of nexus related subjects, sharing different points of view and experiences on some very sticky questions, ground-truthing the global conversations around the nexus approach. Podcasts are released every Thursday  on soundcloud

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