In Singaporea new vertical farm is showing promising potential for mass production in small island developing states. German firm, &ever, with the support of the Singapore government, has created a research and development facility which is projected to produce 1.5 tons of leafy greens every day. This initiative is working to overcome Singapore's challenge of land scarcity and lessen the country's carbon footprint through environmentally friendly methods — two objectives that are applicable to all SIDS — and ultimately introduce affordable, SIDS-grown produce into the local market. A group of government agencies have also launched the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme (SBIP) to promote the use of blockchain technology in trade, logistics and supply chain management. The program is already working with farmers to trace perishables and improve their creditworthiness. Singapore has also been a driving force for sustainable agriculture in UNDP's work. Foundational for these efforts is ensuring that SIDS enhance their renewable energy transitions, powering their digital transformation and shift to smart agriculture. Supporting these efforts are a key part of UNDP's SIDS offer Rising Up for SIDS.

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