This session was part of the 2021 Conflict Early Warning / Early Action Workshop hosted by the NYU Center on International Cooperation on May 18 - May 20, 2021.

UNDP has engaged in the area of data-driven risk monitoring and early warning around 5 years ago, when it started developing the "Crisis Risk Dashboard" (CRD). The CRD is a data visualization platform to support crisis risk analysis, which is now rolled out to more than 20 UNDP Country Offices and Regional Hubs. This session shared some lessons on using data visualization to support analysis for early warning. Panel Corrado Scognamillo, Early Warning Specialist, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Fabio Oliva, Peace and Development Advisor (PDA), UN Tunisia Ethan Harrison, UN Volunteer, UNDP Sri Lanka Grace Kpohazounde, PhD, Peace and Development Advisor (PDA), UN Côte d'Ivoire.


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