The EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub (KMH) released two training curricula to provide return and reintegration practitioners and stakeholders with ready-to-use materials to organize and deliver training sessions for actors in the field of migrant return and reintegration. 

Both curricula are available in English and French on a new section of the KMH's Return and Reintegration Platform fully dedicated to the training material allowing users to navigate the curricula content and to download the preferred sessions/modules.

The curricula complement a series of capacity-building activities on reintegration processes and practices, and on monitoring and evaluating return and reintegration programmes, as an operationalization of the IOM Reintegration Handbook. These include blended training sessions facilitated by the KMH, regional and national level workshops delivered either online or face-to-face to return and reintegration practitioners, as well as self-paced e-courses on the IOM E-Campus learning platform

For more information please contact ReturnReintegrationPlatform@iom.int





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