Learning from Young Lives: 20 years of policy-driven research: The Global Young Lives team presented an overview of this longstanding international research project, which has been following 12,000 children from the turn of the Millennium through to their coming-of-age during a Global Pandemic.

  1. Introduction to the Young Lives programme. "Experience of Young Lives in engaging with Youth and Policymakers" - Renu Singh, Country Director, Young Lives India
  2. "Young Lives, Interrupted: how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected wellbeing of young men and women"- Richard Freund, research assistant, Young Lives Oxford 
  3. "Aspirations and Trajectories to Work of Youth in Ethiopia" - Alula Pankhurst, Country Director, Young Lives Ethiopia and Yisak Tafere, Senior Qualitative Researcher, Young Lives Ethiopia

Moderator: Noëlla Richard, Youth Policy Specialist, UNDP

Respondents: Prathit Singh – COVID under 19 Initiative and Sudha Balakrishnan – UN Youth2030 Secretariat

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