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Integration Community Leader of the Month: Meet Yomna from AccLab Egypt!

With her team at Accelerator Lab in UNDP Egypt, Yomna has led the first sensemaking exercise which served as one of the consultations to develop the Country Office’s Country Programme Document (CPD). Working in close collaboration with the RBAS regional innovation team, Yomna and her team experimented with behavioral insights to learn how to make more deliberate and rational food choices to adapt to climate change, which led to the development of an experimentation portfolio on food systems. Her work with the Accelerator Lab also contributed to rethinking the tourism model in Egypt, highlighting the centrality of sustainable tourism to local development, green transition, MSME support, poverty alleviation, among others.

Read up on her most recent blog post to learn how portfolios can fundamentally challenge the way we operate — including how the portfolio approach can help bring economies of scale, make the development finance go further, and allow us to reshape the demand. If you would like to learn more about practical ways to champion "system" and "portfolio" thinking tools based on Egypt’s experience, contact Yomna at:

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