Take a look at the Highlights on SSTC of the declaration on "Current development challenges: the role of science, technology and innovation” from G77+ China in Havana on 15 September 2023.

•             37. We stress the importance of strengthening North-South cooperation, including through the fulfillment of Official Development Assistance commitments to support the development needs of the countries of the South.  At the same time, we agree to continue working on the development of science and technology in developing countries by strengthening South-South cooperation, which is necessary to optimize our potential and complement our resources and expertise, while offering viable pathways to address common challenges among developing countries and to, inter alia, accelerate progress in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. We encourage discussions on the possibilities of establishing new platforms for South-South cooperation and exchanges on science, technology and innovation.  

•             38. We further encourage the promotion of triangular cooperation projects and programs to improve developing countries’ access to more and better resources for the implementation of technical and scientific initiatives. We acknowledge that triangular cooperation is aimed at facilitating, supporting and enhancing South-South initiatives, through the provision of, inter-alia, funding, capacity-building, technology transfer as well as other forms of support, at the request of developing countries, in line with the principles of  South-South cooperation, and must be led by the countries of the South.

•             42. We agree that our Ministers or High Authorities on Science, Technology and Innovation meet regularly, as appropriate, to take stock of the role of science, technology and innovation in the development agendas adopted at the #UnitedNations and to strengthen South-South cooperation in this fields.

•             46. We agree to declare September 16 as the Day of Science, Technology and Innovation in the South.

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United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also praised efforts to support the Global South in the international arena as he opened a summit of the G77 group of developing nations and China with host Cuba. Guterres said greater international equality is essential to building the consensus needed to tackle climate change and inequality.


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