Based on experience from running Sensemaking workshops for UNDP offices and government partners, the UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Innovation Centre developed two guides to share its knowledge with teams and organization that are interested in using the Sensemaking process.

Sensemaking as a process enables a team to reflect on their current portfolio of work, with the intention to maximize impact and effectiveness of their work by asking:

  • Why run this particular set of projects at this point in time?
  • Are these projects relevant and coherent to the (current and/or emergent) needs of the industry or country or government(s)?
  • How can we do more of with our limited resources on the ground (e.g. funding, human resources, projects, relationships)?

The Preparation Guide helps teams decide if they should run a Sensemaking workshop, and how to prepare for it. It contains handy checklists, definitions, event formats and templates that you can use to run your own Sensemaking sessions.

The Facilitator Guide walks teams through the process of running a Sensemaking workshop. It contains detailed guidance on each step of the workshop, agenda, how to run and guide participants through exercises, useful tools etc.






Published January 2022

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