UNDP's Rapid Integrated Assessments (RIA) aim to support countries in mainstreaming the SDGs into national and subnational planning, by helping assess their readiness for SDG implementation.

The toolkit outlines clear steps and templates for policy makers to conduct a rapid integrated assessment (RIA) of the SDGs to determine their relevance to the country context, both at the national and subnational level, and interlinkages across targets. The assessment is a first step in defining a roadmap for a country to implement the SDGs.

The RIA is applied in four stages:

  • Step 1 offers guidance on analysing the relevance of the SDGs for the country.
  • Step 2 provides options for applying an integrated approach to achieve sustainable development.
  • Step 3 discusses ways to assess existing monitoring capacity and provides a checklist for conducting a needs assessment.
  • Step 4 consolidates the primary output of the RIA.



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