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Learn about different types of policy instruments that can support countries in strategically designing integrated approaches to achieve emissions reductions and national development targets.   


The report highlights the pros and cons of existing tools in relation to specific economic and social contexts—drawing lessons from emissions trading pilot schemes in China, for instance. Using a macroeconomic lens, the report also demonstrates how multilateralism will be pivotal to bolster global, collective action towards fair and effective carbon pricing mechanisms. Indeed, the report complements the ambitious objectives set out in the new Global Roadmap on clean energy that stemmed from the 2021 High-Level Dialogue on Energy. For instance, it calls for a shifting of fossil fuel subsidies to renewable energy investments, while creating new green, decent and healthy jobs to secure a just and inclusive transition.

As some countries start to build forward better from the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot go back to business-as-usual as our continued dependence on fossil fuels is precipitating the decline of both people and planet.

Read the publication online here or download the report below ⬇️ 

Read the one page summary here.

The briefs and working papers in the UNDP Development Future Series are penned by UNDP staff from around the world sharing evidence and insights that are grounded in deep study, data and practice.


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Pavlina Zdraveva
Pavlina Zdraveva

Dear Nadine, thank you for sharing :-)
I would like to complement it with Macedonian experience related to the carbon tax assesment we have done while developing Macedonian enhanced NDC https://ndc.klimatskipromeni.mk/en/ developed with support from the UNDP Climate promise.
Take a look at the Macedonian Carbon Tax Roadmap https://klimatskipromeni.mk/data/rest/file/download/61ff14481e5f39c7fd2…, Policy Brief https://klimatskipromeni.mk/data/rest/file/download/781d23f543757076cfb… and technical supporting analyses https://klimatskipromeni.mk/data/rest/file/download/ff59ae742d2795318bd…

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