Ethiopia is among the top 20 countries facing the greatest challenges in accessing clean technology and fuels, which affects a staggering 81% of the global population. In a concerted effort to address its significant electricity access deficit, Ethiopia's 10-Year Development Plan has set a bold target: universal access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy by 2030. To turn this vision into reality, the country is harnessing the power of south-south cooperation, joining forces with the Governments of China and Sri Lanka.  

At the heart of this collaboration is the "Biogas, Biomass, and Solar Trilateral Cooperation Project," a dynamic initiative focused on bridging the energy access gap and supporting Ethiopia's transition to a jobs-rich green economy. Crucially, the collaboration is rooted in the concept wherein nations can leverage on resources, experiences, and technologies to address energy issues. Ethiopia, China, and Sri Lanka are employing this approach to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This practice will provide concrete technological solutions for Ethiopia's low-carbon transition and is set to benefit over 10,000 households in rural areas, promoting investment in renewable energy technologies and fostering climate-resilient growth. 

The success of the ongoing collaboration is underscored by its role as a learning platform for China, Sri Lanka, and Ethiopia. The exchange of insights and experiences fosters a collective understanding of sustainable renewable energy options, aligning with national priorities and advancing the low-carbon agenda. South-south cooperation becomes a powerful mechanism for achieving SDGs, fostering a collaborative environment where nations can learn from each other's successes and challenges. In this context, the project is more than a bilateral effort; it symbolizes a united front against energy poverty and a commitment to sustainable, climate-resilient growth. 

Read the full SEH Bulletin Issue 5.

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